PropFuel Doubles New Member Count Over Traditional Marketing in A/B Test Campaign

A common strategy utilized by associations to gain new members is the free trial. Prospective members sign up for a limited time at no cost, experience an association’s benefits and ideally become a member after the free trial expires.

One PropFuel client in the healthcare industry utilizes what they call “guest accounts” (trials) as an acquisition strategy. They conducted a 3-month experiment to determine which method of post- trial communications would result in more conversions: their existing email technology or PropFuel.

Which campaign resulted in higher membership conversions?

Download the Case Study
Free Trial

Find out how one association is using the free trial as a member acquistion strategy

Conversational vs Traditional Marketing

See what the association used as their traditional workflow, and how they communicated differently using PropFuel

A/B Campaign Results

View campaign results, reflecting the new member count and revenue differences between PropFuel and traditional. 

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