Imagine you have a single objective for the day. You have one member to work with, and you need to help her get as much value as she can from your association. You have no time restraints, you don't have other people who need help; it's just you and your member.

How do you help her?

Our guess is you aren't thinking about sending her some informational emails, hoping the thing she is looking for happens to be in your latest newsletter.

Conversational Engagement is about how we can take the basic concepts of communication that work so well one-on-one and apply them to our communication efforts at scale.

Intrigued? Download the ebook to dig in.

What the ebook covers:

Engagement vs. Personalization

Personalizing one's name or other information in a communication is one way of making it feel personal. But what's missing?

Voice of the Member

Member-based organizations want to feel each member feel heard. But are they really listening?

Engagement vs Opens

How can we get back to the way email is meant to be used, starting conversations rather than simply broadcasting information?

People, Not Personas

We think we know what our members are looking for. But do we really unless we ask them?

Two- Way Communications

There are many ways to get your members to talk to you; we call them conversation starters.

Conversations at Scale

Organizations often feel like they can't communicate individually with each member. They can, both at scale and one-on-one!

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