MSTA Uses PropFuel as Essential Tech Platform for Engagement, Revenue Generation & Data Enrichment

Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) serves over 47,000 educators in Missouri, providing professional learning, legal services, industry research and networking opportunities across the state. The organization’s membership is made up of active teachers, students, retired teachers and even non-certified employees, like custodians and bus drivers.

MSTA is utilizing PropFuel extensively to engage their members in two-way communications across the board, from the prospecting stage with nonpaying students to active member referrals. The following campaigns offer a glimpse into how MSTA is using PropFuel to generate revenue, ensure members don’t slip through the cracks and gain new information directly from the Voice of the Member.

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Member Referrals

Find out how MSTA asked members a single question to capture 134 leads!

Student Intent & Data Enrichment

See how MSTA engaged over 200 soon-to-be teachers to find out more about their future plans - and captured new contact information in the process.

Lapsed Member Win-Back

Find out how the association identified over 4,000 lapsed members and won many back; 144 within the first hour following campaign delivery!

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